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What metals do you work with?

I use 14k white, yellow and rose gold.  I use a Palladium alloy in my white gold to keep the rings nickel-free.  So if you have a nickel allergy, not to worry.

I use recycled high quality metal in all of my pieces.  Sustainable jewelry is very important issue for me, and I’m trying to add to the cause as much as I can. I make sure that the metal I use has been recycled and refined to great quality.

Tell me about the stones you use! 

I use high quality, ethical diamonds here at Andronyk Jewelry.  I have established trusted connections with amazing suppliers to ensure that I’m not contributing to the conflict diamond market.  In addition to providing ethical diamonds, I also offer Moissanite, a mineral originally found in meteorites (cool, no?) with nearly the same sturdiness, hardness, and sparkle as diamond. Now, Moissanite is created in a lab with all of the same properties and less cost. Science!

Okay, so do I NEED to buy my partner an engagement ring AND a wedding band? Do we need to use diamonds? What is with all this tradition, anyway?

The best part about life is that you can make your own rules.  No, you don’t NEED to have a solitaire diamond engagement ring, or have matching wedding bands.  The best person to discuss that with is your partner.  I’ve had couples skip the engagement ring and go straight to the wedding bands, or use the engagement ring AS the wedding band, or some partners don’t have a wedding band at all because of their job or because they just can’t/don’t like to wear jewelry.  Rings are a symbolic gesture of commitment and a talisman of love, so whatever best represents the two of you as a couple is what you should choose.  I cater to the non-traditional/alternative and would love to hear how you and your partner will be expressing that in your ring choices.

I have a diamond from my Grandmother’s ring, can you use them in my new ring?

Yes. I will gladly use diamonds that you have to make your new ring heartfelt and sentimental. This is such a great way to upcycle those stones that would just be sitting in your jewelry box. While I take the utmost precautions when handling your unique items, I cannot guarantee the condition of customer-supplied materials and make no warranties regarding gems that are not supplied by me. Andronyk Jewelry cannot be held liable for damages to materials provided by the customer. Please note that I will only reuse your diamonds, other stones can be tricky to remove from their settings.

Do you buy old jewelry/gold? Can you melt down my old rings/chains/cufflinks to make my new ring?

Sorry, no.  Since I am not a gemologist, diamond grader, or appraiser, I would not be able to properly assess the value of your pieces. I also do not take old gold for credit at this time, nor do I use old gold to remake new pieces. I use recycled gold from a refinery that is certified member of the Responsible Jewelry Council and the gold used in your ring is refined to the utmost quality. Using old gold with mixed/old alloys will cause pitting and cracking in your final piece, therefore I prefer to use fresh recycled gold.

When will my ring be ready?

There are two services that I offer:

*Made to Order: These items are listed in my shop and made from scratch especially for you. These items typically take 6-8 weeks to create. Once you order it, I start making it to your specifications (ie., style, size, metal and stone preference). The lead time assures that your piece is exactly as you’ve ordered it, in the sequence the order has been taken.  Due to the nature of handmade, the ring you order will not be an exact replica of the one you see in the photo, thus making your piece unique.  If you’d like a rush order, please contact me for feasibility.

*Custom: If you don’t see exactly what you are looking for, please fill out this form and we can discuss a new option for you. The custom process is fun and exciting, as you see your piece come to life through sketches, wax models, and photographs. Being able to weave personal stories and details into a piece makes your experience unique and heartfelt. Please check the GALLERY page for examples of custom work I’ve done.

How can I get my partner’s ring size without them knowing about it? It’s supposed to be a surprise!

I have collected many people’s ring sizes over the years from sizing them at shows all across Canada, so please contact me to see if I have their ring size on file. If I don’t have it, please get her/him sized accurately (for free!) by a reputable jeweller.  I also carry small, accurate ring sizers that I can send out to you. I’ve outlined a great process here, however, I highly recommend asking for someone’s ring size; the ring will still be a surprise, trust me!

Some of my rings are extremely detailed and textured, so please get an accurate measurement, as resizing those pieces will change the aesthetics of the work and will incur a resizing charge.

What payment and shipping options are available?

I accept all major credit cards, Paypal, and Bitcoin.
Please ensure your Paypal shipping address is correct, and always double check the Bitcoin address.

Your piece is beautifully packaged in a beautiful ring box branded with my logo and wrapped for safe shipping. Your items come to you double boxed with no mention of “jewelry”, in order to maximize the privacy and security of your ring. All items are shipped via Canada Post’s Expresspost service and I offer free shipping & insurance over $1000 to the US and Canada.

For more information on shipping, returns, and resizing, please visit my policies page.

Where do you work? Can I come visit your studio?

My lovely little home studio is nestled in Southwestern Saskatchewan, not far from the Cypress Hills.  My studio is currently not open to the public, but I may visit your city every October on a tour where you can book personal appointments with me. I also attend select art shows across Canada and can be contacted anytime via email. Please check my news page for upcoming shows and events.

How can I be notified of your work, collections, news, upcoming shows, see pictures of your workshop, etc.?

You can find me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, and I also send out a once-a-month newsletter that you can sign up for here!