Spring Shows!

Spring Shows!

Spring is always a beautiful and busy time around the Andronyk Workshop. Not only is it seeding time at the farm and prepping time for our giant garden, but it's a great time to take a trip and see all of the most excellent people wanting to try some rings on for shows.

This year is a bit of a slow down show-down year for me; I've been extremely busy with custom and bespoke work which I absolutely love. In order for me to get everything sketched, created, and sent out, I've cut out a lot of shows that I normally do in the spring so I can stay sustainable and maintain a high quality experience for my existing customers.

My only show this spring will be the New Craft Coalition in Calgary on May 22 and 23rd! I've only done this show once before, but I had such a great time and the response was so overwhelming that I really wanted to visit the amazing Calgary community again. Going to shows as a maker is always incredible because all of the makers become friends along the way. Come and check out leather worker Flight Path Designs, textile artist Amanda Parker, children's clothing designer Sweet Jane Studios, cashmere upcycler Winterluxe, textile designer Natalie Gerber, ceramic artist Cathy Terepocki, and handmade eco-clothing by Dear Pony.

New Craft Coalition

I'll be bringing some striking pieces in sterling silver, as well as my Infinite Collection made to order, and a few exclusive rings in 14k gold.  I can't wait to see you all then!