Heidrich + Andronyk

Calgary's Heidrich Photography gathered an amazing crew of talented people to create the most breathtaking glacial wedding inspiration photoshoot on the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta.

I love how the mini-Callisto ring is mirrored in the angles and landscape of the glacier in this shoot, and the dress by Anais Anette is just breathtaking.

Check out the full photoset of all the icy gorgeousness featured on Burnett's Boards.

You can find more amazing photos and sessions at Heidrich Photography's website, and I especially love their blog, here.

Hair & Makeup: Simply Me
Necklace: Salt Water Tea
Flowers: Rebecca Dawn 

How amazing IS Palladium White Gold?

How amazing IS Palladium White Gold?


(pictured above, Elara Ring in palladium white gold and moissanite)

Did you know there are many alloys of white gold? You see, gold is naturally yellow, and so certain metals have to be mixed, or alloyed, into the yellow gold to get the desired color. A lot of the white gold on the market today has a mixture of gold, nickel, and various amounts of copper and zinc.  This is a fairly standard alloy, and left alone, this gold may yellow somewhat over time.

Palladium is a very cool silvery-white metal that is also used as an alloy to create a white gold look. Palladium white gold is generally a bit more grey than regular white gold, but will never get yellowish because of the palladium alloy. It's also a great nickel - free alternative for those with an allergy.

So, why do you see white gold as BLINDINGLY WHITE? Well, that's due to rhodium-plating. With Palladium white gold, there's no need to rhodium plate, or re-plate as it eventually wears off. That's why I use Palladium white gold in my rings, it's so lovely to work with, and the color is just so beautiful.

The Discovery Tour Wrap-UP

The Discovery Tour Wrap-UP

The past two weeks have gone by so fast, and yet it feels like so much has happened in that short amount of time. In case you didn't know, I organized my own tour, where lovely people booked personal ring consultation appointments with me in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver.  It was a big leap for me, as I wasn't sure what the response would be, as well as I've never heard of anyone else do anything like this before!  I'm glad to report that it was a huge success. I met up with people who had previously gotten engagement rings and needed wedding bands, I met up with people who wanted custom work, and I met up with a few folks who are looking for surprise engagement rings (I'll never tell who!).

Calgary, AB: Hotel Arts


Edmonton: Little Brick YEG


Vancouver: L'Hermitage Hotel

I also had an opportunity to shoot with Cory Johnn when I was in Edmonton. Cory Johnn is an extremely talented photographer who took my vision of my Discovery Collection (launch soon, yay!), and brought it to life through his photos. I have been working super extra hard this year, and I'm thrilled to show you everything so very very soon.


Thanks so much to all of you who came out and supported me on my tour. I had an absolute blast and going on tour is something I'm definitely going to do again. If you want me in your city for the next one, please let me know!


Discovery Tour

Discovery Tour

The Andronyk Jewelry Discovery Tour will be in full swing soon! If you're on my mailing list, you were the first to know and got first dibs on appointments.

So what exactly is the Discovery Tour? Well, I'm going to be in 3 cities starting on October 8th meeting up with you for a no-pressure ring try-on funtastic time. If you've been eyeing anything up and want to know what it looks like in person or what the proportions would be on your finger, or if you want something custom made, this is a great time to have a personal consultation with me.

My new Discovery Collection will also be available for preview for those who book appointments. I've been working on this follow up collection for a long time and can't wait to share it with you.

So if you're in Calgary, Edmonton, or Vancouver, I'd love to meet you and have a chat about rings, life, or your cat. You can find out all of the details here, and you can always feel free to ask questions by contacting me.

Happy fall!


In the works!

In the works!

Fall is coming quickly; prairie harvest begins soon, and that means a lot of hustle and bustle around here! Heavy machinery, cooking delicious food, and preserving my delicious garden bounty is all happening alongside new work in my studio.

I'm rounding out my Infinite Collection with more pieces to complement, mix & match, and give more options to those who haven't quite found what they are searching for.

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