Andronyk Ethos


I help exceptional and visionary people express themselves by creating striking, otherworldly, futuristically luxurious, and visually inspired wearable art pieces that represent exactly who they are in an ethical and responsible way.


Privacy is a basic human right. There are always new areas to learn about in the fields of data encryption, website breaches, and company policies online. You can be assured that here at Andronyk Studio, your privacy concerns are taken seriously. 

All client data is stored on a fully end-to-end encrypted database, and these backups are also fully encrypted.

Signal, the the end-to-end encryption messaging app is used to communicate in the case of one-on-one calls, so you can rest assured that private consultations are kept private.

Payment systems

The future of payments will be done peer-to-peer, with no middle man in between, and everyone will be in control of their funds and transactions; there will be no gatekeeping the use of money.

Here at Andronyk Studio, cryptocurrency is accepted as a payment option. You can use Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Iota, Doge, Chainlink, and Monero for payment. The fees associated with cryptocurrency are much less than the traditional banking system, the ease of use is higher, and it is completely autonomous. There is a sense of freedom in moving away from a system that does not benefit the people, and is instead benefited by corporate bailouts.


Giving back is extremely important. Every year here at Andronyk Studio, a cause is picked that resonates with the energy of the year, and demonstrates the values of the brand.

Donations to organizations include: NAACP, Canadian Feed the Children, Nature Conservancy of Canada, The Electronic Frontier Foundation.


Andronyk Studio is committed to studio and technical practices that minimize environmental and human impact in the jewelry supply chain.

All gold used in the studio has been recycled; material is sourced from smelters who not only recycle gold scraps from jewelers, but also from electronics, such as old circuit boards and mobile phones. Refineries and smelters who meet specific criteria, who are SCS Global Certified, and who can guarantee that their gold has not been extracted in a way that causes conflict or contributes to human rights violations are used. In-studio scraps, dust sweepings, and particles are saved and smelted to ensure an enclosed recycling loop.

Stones are sourced from trusted sources who adhere to ethical standards of the industry. Both lab-created stones and naturally found stones in Andronyk Studio's pieces. When using mined stones, suppliers are vetted so that the miners, workers, and stone cutters are all paid a fair wage, and the environmental impact is minimal.

Sustainability is a journey. By 2022, ALL packaging and paper products will be FSC certified and as sustainable as possible.

Memberships and Organizations

Society of North American Goldsmiths
Ethical Metalsmiths
Prairie Sculptor's Association
Saskatchewan Craft Council