Each and every piece that is created in the Andronyk studio undergoes a mindful and transformative process from an idea to the physical piece. Handmade in Canada on a farm in Saskatchewan, Andronyk Studio strives to forge quality pieces that are distinctive, meaningful, and eco-friendly.  


Emotions and moods brought out from advances in technology, dystopian or utopian futures, and old scifi movies bring about the majority of inspiration for the shapes and feel to my work.

In order to keep things warm and personal, I also look to the world around me here on the farm, and meld the organic with the futuristic.

Sketches, moodboards, clay sculptures or cardboard models will cement the idea for the next step. Sculpture.


Once an idea has been established, it's time to hand carve the piece into existence.

A hard wax serves as a canvas, and the form is delicately and deliberately sculpted out with sharp tools and focus. 
Great care is taken with proportion, weight distribution, texture, feel, and sizing.


This is where the piece turns from a regular carving into a gold sculpture.

A temporary plaster mold is created from the original carving, and molten gold is then poured into the mold. Once cooled, the mold is destroyed, and the ring shape and details are preserved as a gold ring.

Canadian diamonds or lab created Moissanite are used in the rings, sourced from ethical suppliers, and all gold is 100% certified recycled and sourced from a refinery. The ring then undergoes filing, soldering, cleaning, polishing, and the stones are set in studio.


Your completed ring, once finalized, is now ready for you to wear. 

Carefully packaged in a classic and branded box, your piece includes a beautiful letterpressed care card and documentation.

Whether you choose your piece to be a wedding ring, an engagement ring, or just a fun piece as a treat for you or your significant other, let it be talisman; an amulet to mark those special moments in your life.