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Meet Maia. Named after one of the bright stars in the Taurus constellation, Maia's beautiful center stone will reflect the light and sparkle softly.

Set with a 4mm stone, Maia's rocky texture is inspired by space and planetary geology.

Stone options:

Moissanite: The Moissanite used in the Maia ring measures 4mm. Moissanite is a rare mineral found in asteroids, and it is now recreated and synthesized in a lab for jewelry and industrial use. Since the look and hardness are so similar to diamond, Moissanite is a great sustainable, eco-friendly, and inexpensive alternative.

Diamond: The diamond used in the Maia ring measures 4mm (0.23-0.25 carats). All diamonds used in Andronyk Jewelry rings are conflict-free, and Canadian diamonds will be used when available.

MAIA is available in the following:

14k Rose Gold- A beautiful coppery rose color.
14k Yellow Gold- A soft buttery yellow color.
14k Palladium White Gold- A warm smoky grey color. The white gold alloy I use is Palladium. Unlike "regular" nickel alloyed white gold, Palladium white gold will not tarnish yellow, never have to be plated, and is also nickel-free.

All gold used in the Andronyk studio is certified 100% recycled content from SCS Global services and sourced from members of the Responsible Jewellery Council, making your ring sustainable and conflict-free.

Your ring is made to order upon receipt of payment and specifications, please indicate size required upon checkout. Please allow 7-10 weeks for your ring to be hand made. Due to the nature of handmade, your ring will not look identical to the picture shown; there will be slight variations in the texture as everything is hand carved.

Ring sizes over 11.5 need to be custom ordered. Please ensure the size you are ordering is correct as some rings are unable to be resized due to design.

$2,100.00 CAD