How amazing IS Palladium White Gold?

Did you know there are many alloys of white gold? You see, gold is naturally yellow, and so certain metals have to be mixed, or alloyed, into the yellow gold to get the desired color. A lot of the white gold on the market today has a mixture of gold, nickel, and various amounts of copper and zinc.  This is a fairly standard alloy, and left alone, this gold may yellow somewhat over time.

Palladium is a very cool silvery-white metal that is also used as an alloy to create a white gold look. Palladium white gold is generally a bit more grey than regular white gold, but will never get yellowish because of the palladium alloy. It's also a great nickel - free alternative for those with an allergy.

So, why do you see white gold as BLINDINGLY WHITE? Well, that's due to rhodium-plating. With Palladium white gold, there's no need to rhodium plate, or re-plate as it eventually wears off. That's why I use Palladium white gold in my rings, it's so lovely to work with, and the color is just so beautiful.

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