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Timeless organic textures

unseen botanical worlds

The Folia Collection draws inspiration from the concept of primordial plant life on distant celestial bodies. Imagining the prospect of terraforming another world, it explores the intriguing question of what flora might emerge under alien skies.

This collection evokes the essence of moss and lichen, carrying the essence of planetary soil within its designs. Each piece is crafted to offer a harmonious blend of comfort, timelessness, and an otherworldly charm. These creations exhibit vibrant textures that seem to organically sprout on the wearer's hand.

The jewelry within this collection serves a versatile purpose, whether as elegant wedding bands, gorgous engagement rings, or as an intriguing addition to complement your existing treasures, imbuing your jewelry collection with a unique touch of texture.


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Material Sourcing

Andronyk Studio upholds a commitment to utilizing high-quality materials that are responsibly sourced. Transparency in sourcing plays a pivotal role in the studio's work, emphasizing the importance of tracing the origins and processes behind these materials.

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