The right fit

A ring should fit you just right. Not too loose, and not too tight. A few factors may influence this, however: personal preference, if you have bigger knuckles than your fingers, or if your fingers swell and shrink seasonally with the temperatures.

If you have large knuckles, you'll want a ring that JUST fits over the knuckle, so that it's not too loose on your finger, but so that you can still remove it. If your fingers tend to swell a lot over the summer and in hot weather, maybe opt for a fit that's a bit looser. If your fingers tend to shrink in cold weather, try for something a little tighter on your finger.

Some people may feel "claustrophobic" with a tighter ring and prefer the freedom of a ring that's just a bit bigger, while others want the feeling of knowing their ring is very very secure and want a some difficulty removing it. There is no wrong when it comes to your ring fit preference.

To find out your ring size, please see at least one jeweller to get a proper measurement. A second opinion is always bonus, and let them know your personal preference for fit. Getting sized is always free, and if you'd like me to send you a plastic ring sizer so you can size yourself at home, please get in touch.

An accurate ring size is important, as not all rings can be resized due to shape or texture.

Are you trying to secretly find your partner's ring size? Read this.


There is a $60 CAD charge for resizing. Shipping is the responsibility of the customer, and a $25 CAD return shipping charge will be added to the resizing invoice. Item(s) must be sent in original ring box, with proper packaging and insurance. Any damage due to improper packaging is the responsibility of the customer. Andronyk Jewelry is not responsible for loss, theft, or customs costs incurred.

If your ring has been resized, there may be slight changes to the texture although we do our best to keep the ring as similar as possible. Any change requests after the resizing can be done so for a separate fee.


Andronyk Jewelry strives to create sturdy, wearable and quality art pieces; all work is checked over meticulously before being sent out.

If, in the event there is a faulty element, Andronyk Jewelry will gladly repair your piece for up to one year of purchase. Damage due to excessive or inappropriate use, negligence, a lost stone, or loss of piece is not covered. Repairs will be evaluated on an individual basis, and a quote for the repair will be given. Andronyk Jewelry is not required to repair work that has been altered by another jeweller or artist or damaged beyond repair.

Andronyk Jewelry is not responsible for theft, loss, damage due to improper packaging, or customs fees upon returning the item. A $25 CAD shipping charge will be added to the repair invoice upon return shipment.