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Material Sourcing

Where does your jewelry come from?

A promise

Andronyk Studio is committed to studio, technical, and sourcing practices that minimize environmental and human impact in the jewelry supply chain.


The Materials


Andronyk Studio uses 100% SCS Certified recycled gold, and is a Fairmined Licensed Brand. In-studio scrap gold, filings, and little bits are also refined and recycled.


All gemstones are transparently sourced. Andronyk Studio discloses known or unknown origin, lab-created or natural, and has a classification system for gemstones within the studio.

About the gold


I use Third-Party certified SCS 100% recycled gold in the majority of my work. This gold is recovered from electronic waste, scrap jewelry, and bench sweeps.

Also, as a Fairmined Licensed brand, I am able to use Fairmined gold in my work. Fairmined Gold is gold that has been mined by artisanal and small-scale mines and is entirely traceable from those mines to my workbench.

These mines must strictly adhere to intensive guidelines to ensure a positive social impact on mining communities, high environmental standards, gender equality, as well as labor regulation and safety for the workers. In a nutshell, Fairmined Gold is ethical gold, straight from the source.

All Fairmined pieces are marked with the Fairmined logo.

about the gemstones


I'm committed to transparency in material sourcing, and a large part of that is sourcing gemstones.

My classification system for stones:

  • Fully Traceable: The gemstone can be traced to the country and mine of origin. Miners are paid fairly, and the country of origin has human and environmental regulatory practices.
  • Known Country of Origin: The gemstone is sourced from a reputable industry supplier who has disclosed the country of origin.
  • Lab Created: The gemstone is a man-made creation from a lab. When sourcing lab stones, suppliers who use green energy are prioritized.
  • Archival: The gemstone is from our personal collection. Through the years, I've collected gems, when known origin was less of a standard. I will put these beautiful stones to good use since they are already mined, and fully disclose their unknown origin.

Any Questions?

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