Send a message here! You'll be sent a ring sizer and we can chat about fit. You'll be guided every step of the way. If you're looking for someone else's size, here's a handy little guide! You should note however, it's best to get an accurate ring size, so just ask! Ask your partner's trusted friends or family members, or your partner themselves. The ring will still be a surprise, and also, some people really enjoy being a part of the ring choosing process. More info on ring sizing here.


All pieces are made with 14k yellow, white, or rose gold. Gold used in the Andronyk Studio is 100% recycled content and is SCS Certified for sustainability. Looking for 18k gold? No problem. Send a message and let's discuss options.

In order to make gold white, it needs to be alloyed (mixed) with another metal. The alloy of choice here at Andronyk Studio is palladium; a high quality, strong, and non-reactive metal. Most other white gold is alloyed with nickel, which some have a reaction to, usually has to be plated to make it bright and shiny, and wears off over time. Palladium white gold is a beautiful and warm smoky grey, hard wearing, and because it never has to be plated, it will always retain it's color.

A stone's hardness is a big factor in what we use. Diamonds, moissanite, and sapphires are the favorites to work in, because they have a high hardness factor and can withstand everyday wear. Keeping our planet and human impact in mind, stones are hand picked from exclusive and vetted suppliers, where they can be traced back to their mines, and have been cut and polished by people who have been paid fairly for their work.


If you see a piece that you would like a different stone in, or would like to change the width, that is definitely something that can be done! To be added to the waitlist for custom work, send a message here!

It depends on what you have. Old gold pieces can often be heavily soldered, or alloyed with unknown metals, making the finished piece prone to cracking, pitting, and breakage. Your pieces can be evaluated on a piece-by-piece basis, send a message to see if your gold would work.

Yes! It's always wonderfully sentimental and personal to create a ring from a stone that you have an emotional connection to. Please keep in mind that your stone will have to be evaluated for it's feasibility to be removed from it's existing setting, and set into a new piece. At the moment, diamonds are the only stones we are able to re-use. We are not responsible for any breakage or for the condition of your stone.

It takes approximately 6-8 weeks to complete a ring from when you order and when a ring size is provided. Photos and updates are emailed to you along the way, and you'll always know what stage your piece is at.

Shipping and Payment

Andronyk Studio accepts Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Dogecoin directly through Coinbase Commerce. Chainlink, Rose, and Iota are privately accepted. If you'd like to pay with these or any other altcoins, send a message here. A receiving address and amount will be provided. Always double check the receiving address. Andronyk Studio is not responsible for transaction fees, lost crypto, or errors in sending.

Within Canada, once shipped, it takes approximately 2-4 business days. Shipping to the US takes approximately 5-7 business days depending upon customs clearance. For International orders, please allow 7-9 days and also allow for time for the package to clear customs. Please note that you are responsible for any customs fees, duties, or taxes that may incur based on your country's Customs Border Agency.

Every piece is nested in a beautiful branded box with letterpressed care card, business card, and a personalized note. Things are wrapped securely and boxed up twice for extra security, with no mention of "ring" or "jewelry" on the box. Your piece is fully insured for the full journey, with signature required.

Client data is stored on an end-to-end encrypted database, and you can be assured that your data is never sold to any third parties. If you'd prefer not to purchase directly through the website, which is powered by Shopify, please send a message and we can conduct the transaction privately.