Jeanie Andronyk

Hi, I'm Jeanie Andronyk. I make jewelry that speaks of quiet opulence, intellectual luxury, one that tells a story about who you are. Deeply. You are strong, curious, mysterious, and introspective. You like expressions of what you wear to be sculptural, understated, complex and simple all at once. You know and love well-made, thoughtfully designed objects that represent you and how you show yourself to the world.

Andronyk Jewelry walks a line between ancient and futuristic, organic and architectural, delicate and substantial.  I ensure that each shape and hand carved surface is done deliberately and with an ability to harmonize all elements. Every step of my creation process is completed with the wearer in mind: someone who is not afraid to express themselves and who can’t be bothered to fuss with traditional jewelry. As you wear your ring, it changes and evolves with you; a perfectly imperfect scuff here, an edge polished smoothly by your fingers over time, and a sort of talismanic effect takes place.

How I approach Wedding Rings:

The intention I have when I create engagement rings and wedding bands is that they are both durable and breathtaking, able to pass through the hands of generations, as solid and beautiful as they were fresh off my jewelry bench. I use recycled gold and conflict-free stones in my pieces, because the future of our resources is to be cherished and preserved, not to be taken for granted.

There is a challenge that I love about making a ring that will suit someone’s style, taste, and be wearable forever. Being a part of a couple’s story and having made a token of their friendship, love, and commitment is something I truly cherish.

How I approach Sculpture:

The appeal of sculpting, for me, is the process of transforming through touch, whether the end result is a sculptural object or wearable jewelry. Once a piece as been finalized in metal, it stands as a record of a certain time and place. My goal is to create strong and simple pieces, unconstricted by overcomplication—pieces that have been distilled into ageless and timeless forms.

I currently live in scenic Southwestern Saskatchewan on a farm with my awesome husband, rascally cats, chickens, and a dog named Jackie. Every year I plant a giant vegetable garden and pick raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries from the fruit patch. In the cold winters, you can find me in my workshop hammering away, or in front of the fireplace, cozied up with tea and a handmade quilt.  I love retro gaming, Picasso’s sculptures, rainy days, sci-fi pulp novel covers, and looking at the stars.

It is truly my pleasure to translate your vision into a tangible, wearable piece of art. I am always immensely grateful and overjoyed when people come to me to fulfill their wish for high quality meaningful jewelry.