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Andronyk Studio


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Made in Canada by Jeanie Andronyk

Otherworldly objects for extraordinary humans



Introducing The Aeon Sequence, an ongoing collection symbolizing the interconnected evolution of humanity and AI through seamlessly designed, responsibly crafted rings, each complemented by a unique Digital Asset (NFT).

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Stylishly scifi

Jewelry that’s An homage to the Unconventional

Jeanie Andronyk's sculptures and rings walk the line of futuristic and ancient, anthropomorphic and inanimate, drawing connections to geological formations, science fiction, dreamscapes, and the natural world.

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A thoughtfully curated collection of our most sought-after jewelry pieces
that boldly break convention.

14K yellow gold stud earrings inspired by science


The look

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Spore Sale priceFrom $2,500.00 CAD
Gaia Sale price$5,200.00 CAD
Calyx Sale priceFrom $2,400.00 CAD
Spore Sale priceFrom $2,500.00 CAD
Gaia Sale price$5,200.00 CAD
Calyx Sale priceFrom $2,400.00 CAD
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responsibly sourced

The materials

Andronyk Studio prioritizes the use of premium materials that have been sourced transparently, ensuring that your jewelry not only reflects a commitment to the present but also nurtures a responsible path for the future.

With a mindful approach, Andronyk Studio harmonizes the elements of quality, responsibility and integrity in each step of the creative process.

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The collections

Delve into the Andronyk lore

Each collection unveils a distinct narrative intricately woven into the textures, shapes, and designs of the pieces. The jewelry subtly pays homage to science fiction, seamlessly blending influences from planetary geology, the universe, future artifacts, and exploring new frontiers.

Inspired by Cosmic Depths

The Infinite collection

Crafted with texture for visual appeal, engineered for comfort, the Infinite Collection embodies the profound expanse of the Universe and the boundless realm of love.

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Exploring Alien Landscapes

The Discovery Collection

The Discovery Collection draws its inspiration from the breathtaking vistas of otherworldly mountainous terrains, sloping plateaus, and intricate rocky striations found on distant planets.

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Venture into the Unknown

The Frontier Collection

The Frontier Collection embodies the essence of space travel and the allure of uncharted territories. It encapsulates the spirit of embracing the unfamiliar with bravery, courage, and a sense of exhilaration, as we venture into new worlds and the unknown.

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Botanical inspirations from other worlds

THe Folia Collection

The Folia Collection draws from the concept of hypothetical planetary terraforming and envisions the emergence of primordial vegetation.

This collection evokes memories of moss and lichen, exuding the very essence of planetary soil.

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waves of brilliance

The Spectral Collection

The Spectral Collection encapsulates the mesmerizing interplay of light waves as they dance across the atmosphere.

Journey into light


The details

Made in Canada

The studio is located in the serene grasslands of rural Saskatchewan, Canada, where hard work and slow living informs the way the pieces are made.

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Andronyk Studio is home to both jewelry and sculpture. Adorn your space with otherworldly objects; both practical and artful, made with bronze and clay.

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Each piece is meant to be solid, high quality, comfortable, and sculptural; wearable art for your body. It is Andronyk Studio's mission to be inclusive, and create pieces that are genderless.

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Jeanie Andronyk

Meet Jeanie Andronyk

In my farm studio, I am able to express my love of the basic elements to create sci-fi inspired pieces. My specialty is jewelry that has perfectly imperfect lines that fall somewhere between ancient and futuristic, organic and architectural, delicate and substantial. Each shape and hand-carved surface is made to be complex, yet simple at the same time.

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What people are saying

I own two pieces from Jeanie, and they are so lovely. I wanted to celebrate myself with these rings and they are just perfect! The process to order was easy, and she kept me updated on the progress of my pieces as she was creating. My left hand looks great with her unique and fabulous artwork!

P.M. Sauve

Jeanie's work has always resonated strongly with us, and her customer service and friendliness makes us feel heard and cared for. Since the beginning of our relationship, 10 years ago, Jeanie has been able to capture our love in both the custom and ready made pieces she offers. Every piece of her jewelry we have collected is a memory that we

Stefhan and A E

Working with Jeanie was a pleasure. She provides incredible customer service and is always there when I have any questions. I've been wearing pieces from her for over 8 years (including my engagement ring), and they are all incredible quality and absolutely gorgeous.

N. Rix

Jeanie was a pleasure to work with, professional and swift. Oh and did I mention I am delighted with how the rings turned out, they are totally gorgeous!


I got a ring designed and made for my wife and it was everything I could have dreamed it to be! Jeanie was easy to work with, creative and delivered a real heartfelt and personal touch to the whole experience.