Summer Prairie Skies

Saskatchewan stormy dark grey sky over a field of golden wheat
The skies this summer were next level. Saskatchewan is absolutely famous for it's skyscapes (it's not called Land of the Living Skies for no reason), and we had more storms than last year.

The sunsets every night were bright orange, red, and purple, and reflected off the myriad of cloud shapes. 
Saskatchewan sunset ranging in color from yellow, orange, pink, and purple.
Now, if you've never tried Saskatoon berries, I'm so sorry. They're truly a magical berry and I hope you get to eat them fresh if you ever make it to the prairies. If a blueberry had a baby with pomegranate, but then if you increased the purple flavor by about 3.4, that's what a Saskatoon berry tastes like. It's extremely regional and extremely incredible, and I spent a huge amount of time at the local U-pick.
Clusters of Saskatoon berries still on the bush.
20 gallons of berries later:

Jars of Saskatoon berries in the last process of canning.
After filling up most of my freezer space, canning 30+ jars, and eating handfuls of fresh berries, everything is officially ready for winter.

The creative sabbatical that I took this summer was really refreshing, relaxing and productive. After finishing up some sentimental projects for my collectors, I focused on family time, planning for the upcoming months, and spending a lot of time on the back deck watching the skies and snuggling with my animals.

A big lesson I learned during this time was not to force creativity. For creative types, pressuring ourselves to OUTPUT is counterintuitive and never works. What's better is experimenting with materials, working at it a little bit every day, and being open to the inspiration. My biggest inspiration is always my clients and collectors, and I can't wait to share what's coming next.

Right now I'm gearing up for my Tour this fall in Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, and Saskatoon. It's time for in person appointments and city views (info here).

I hope your summer has been refreshing, I'm SO ready for fall!

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