How I stay inspired

Inspiration comes from a lot of different things in our lives and in our every day. Growing up on a farm, my brother and I would find junk pieces of metal from the scrap pile near my Dad’s shop, wood from the wood pile, and whatever we could find in Mom's sewing room. We would spend hours creating swords, game pieces, cloaks, and anything else we could dream up. Our imaginations ran wild, and we had the world at our fingertips. Nothing became something, and that’s a part of my childhood that I take with me to this day. 

During 2020 I found that all I wanted to do was escape, and the best way for me to do this was to let go, and work with something different. I became inspired by those days of free exploration, and working with both my imagination and materials I don't normally use. My partner and I built a ceramic studio, and it was a total labor of love during lockdown. 

I decided that every week, I would find my way little by little, by working in clay in my new studio. So now, I walk in, I show up, and I create with no motive, and no expectation. I’m so happy that not only are the sculptures I'm creating informing my jewellery pieces, but my jewellery techniques are helping me find a way to express myself in the sculptural world. 

I'd like to invite you to take a look at some of my sculptural pieces over at the Prairie Sculptor Association Galleries here!

I'm a new member, and we'll be having some upcoming summer shows that I can't wait for you to check out.

Until next time!

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