No Auto-Pilot

No Auto-Pilot
Thank you to Mia Ohki for having me as a guest poster on her project, No Auto-Pilot!
Mia is an amazing illustrator who is showcasing women with unconventional careers and life paths. From her manifesto:
"It means to go against the grain of society and do what makes you feel the most fulfilled. It means to use confidence in your extraordinary abilities to drive through the doubts and trials of an alternative path to success. It means you're going to create your path, not follow it."
Check out my guest post hereand view both chapters of the No Auto-Pilot project here.

Styled Shoot with Sugar & Soul Photography

I'm so happy to be able to share photos from this collaboration with so many great people for a lovely woodsy bohemian wedding shoot. With Melissa Johnstone from Sugar and Soul Photography behind the lens, everyone worked together to create a gorgeous result.


Models – Alyssa + John

Florals – Fache Floral Designs

Styling – Amanda Douglas Events

Linens and Chairs – Planned Perfectly

Jewelry – Andronyk Jewelry

Dress – Martina Liana Bridal, from Bliss Bridal Boutique

Suit – EPH Apparel

Stationery – One Plus One Design


Ring shown are the Denim Sapphire Engagement ring (sold) and the Maia ring. You can see the full shoot at Sugar and Soul's blog here!

The Royal Bison

The Royal Bison


I'll be at the Royal Bison this weekend, May 6-8th. The last time I was in Edmonton was in October for my Discovery Tour, so I can't wait to visit again and see everyone!

I will have my engagement and wedding ring collections to try on and order, as well as many many one of a kind pieces to take home. I've been busy experimenting with a few things, as well as keeping true to a few classics, so please come by and try on all the things. This year I'm in the little room, beside the zany amazingness that is Jill Pollock's art collages. 

The Royal Bison blog featured my work, check it out here.
Royal Bison Craft and Art Fair
8426 Gateway Boulevard
Admission $3

Friday 5-9
Saturday 10-5
Sunday 10-4

See you there! -Jeanie

Heidrich + Andronyk

Calgary's Heidrich Photography gathered an amazing crew of talented people to create the most breathtaking glacial wedding inspiration photoshoot on the Athabasca Glacier in Alberta.

I love how the mini-Callisto ring is mirrored in the angles and landscape of the glacier in this shoot, and the dress by Anais Anette is just breathtaking.

Check out the full photoset of all the icy gorgeousness featured on Burnett's Boards.

You can find more amazing photos and sessions at Heidrich Photography's website, and I especially love their blog, here.

Hair & Makeup: Simply Me
Necklace: Salt Water Tea
Flowers: Rebecca Dawn 

How amazing IS Palladium White Gold?

How amazing IS Palladium White Gold?


(pictured above, Elara Ring in palladium white gold and moissanite)

Did you know there are many alloys of white gold? You see, gold is naturally yellow, and so certain metals have to be mixed, or alloyed, into the yellow gold to get the desired color. A lot of the white gold on the market today has a mixture of gold, nickel, and various amounts of copper and zinc.  This is a fairly standard alloy, and left alone, this gold may yellow somewhat over time.

Palladium is a very cool silvery-white metal that is also used as an alloy to create a white gold look. Palladium white gold is generally a bit more grey than regular white gold, but will never get yellowish because of the palladium alloy. It's also a great nickel - free alternative for those with an allergy.

So, why do you see white gold as BLINDINGLY WHITE? Well, that's due to rhodium-plating. With Palladium white gold, there's no need to rhodium plate, or re-plate as it eventually wears off. That's why I use Palladium white gold in my rings, it's so lovely to work with, and the color is just so beautiful.